School of Architecture

学校的建筑教育将来时e leaders in design, planning, and management disciplines by offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the professional fields of architecture, urban design, city and regional planning, construction and facilities management, environmental management, urban placemaking, historic preservation, and real estate. Our mission is articulated in four learning objectives shared by all of the school’s programs:

  • Professional Knowledge with Creativity as the highest professional value,
  • Critical Thinking that challenges the limits of each discipline though analysis and research,
  • Ethical Judgement that stresses the importance of community and sustainability, and
  • Technological Expertise in the most advanced technologies available.

These learning objectives establish a unique context for professional education in an art and design institute that stresses the relationship between intellectual development and creative activity. The school offers a broad cultural and analytical base in the liberal arts and sciences, while providing the specialized knowledge unique to individual disciplines. The importance of independent learning is emphasized in studio-based curricula, research-oriented thesis programs and independent research centers available to both graduate and undergraduate students. The school has many distinguished academic programs and specialized research centers on two campuses including the following:

  • 8 studio-based programs in Brooklyn’s Higgins Hall
  • 6 state of the art computer and production labs and 250-seat auditorium
  • 3 management programs at Pratt Manhattan Center on 14th Street
  • 6 research centers
  • Undergraduate Architecture ranked 7th nationally byDesignIntelligence
  • Graduate Planning ranked 3rd nationally byPlanetizen(non-PhD programs)
  • Graduate Architecture and Urban Design ranked 5th by
  • 160 faculty including noted practitioners and leading scholars
  • International student body and diverse culture
  • Over 10,000 alumni who are leaders in their respective disciplines

Please visit ourevents pagesif you are a current or prospective student for a listing of our many lectures and symposia. Please visit pages for individual programs to learn more about our faculty, curricula, and application processes.

Dr. Harriet Harriss
Dean, School of Architecture

Pamela Gill
Director of Budget and Administration

Ramona Allen
Assistant to the Dean

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