The Media Studies Minor is designed for students who want to develop their knowledge of how media shapes our identity, culture, and society. It includes a study of a wide range of media from various theoretical, historical, and creative approaches. The minor involves one required course, "Contemporary Media Theory," four electives, and a qualifying paper/project. You may declare the minor at any point; courses already taken can be counted. Please contact Assistant Chairperson of Humanities and Media Studies Emily Beall (ebeall@pratt.edu) for more information.

About The Minor

The minor in Media Studies provides students with an understanding of media, media structures, histories, content, and consequences. But what is "media"? At Pratt, we have a capacious view and approach to this question. "Media" includes traditional and digital media forms such as books, newspapers, television, film, music, video games, DVDs, mobile devices, memes, and social media platforms. But students will also find courses in which architecture, fashion, graphic design, and the law (among other forms) are interrogated as media, as things that mediate our relationships with ourselves (shaping racial, gender, sexual, class, and national self-identities) as well as our relationships to others and to the world.

We live in a media-saturated world. The Minor in Media Studies at Pratt helps students make sense of it through practices of critical and creative engagement.

How to Minor in Media Studies

To fulfill the requirements for the Minor in Media Studies, students must complete one required course, "Contemporary Media Theory," and four electives. We strongly suggest that one of these courses focus on non-dominant groups or communities. Electives relevant to media studies offered through Pratt’s Social Science and Cultural Studies Department (ie: African Cinema, Indian Cinema) or other departments may also be counted toward the minor with approval.

为了让课程为th计数e minor, you must earn a grade of B- or better. You may register for the minor at any point during your undergraduate career at Pratt, and courses you’ve already taken can be counted towards it. Since declared minors are guaranteed registration in the relevant courses, it is to your advantage to declare the minor early on. If you register for the minor and decide later to opt out, there is no penalty. Please see Liberal Arts Advisor to declare the minor.

Completing the minor means submitting a Qualifying Paper/Project—generally a paper or project you’ve done for one of the classes that count towards the minor, which you feel represents your best work. The faculty member serving as Minor Coordinator will advise on any recommended revisions if necessary. You may submit a qualifying paper/project at any time, before or after you’ve completed the coursework for the minor.

For a list of courses that count toward the minor, please see the minor'sacademic requirements. If you believe that another course not listed here should count, please see the Liberal Arts Advisor. Relevant Independent Study courses (of one, two, or three credits) can count toward the minor with approval. For example, a one-credit Independent Study course may be a good option if the student is only one credit short of completing the required 15 credits.

See Media Studies, Minor Curriculum Overview and Academic Requirements