School of Art

What you should know

Pratt provides one of the most comprehensive professional art educations available, supported by a distinguished faculty and exceptional technical and studio resources. Gifted students from across the United States and the world collaborate and learn at Pratt, weaving creative energy and opportunity into an unmatched educational experience.

The facultyconsists of professional artists, designers, critics, historians, and practitioners, including numerous recipients of prestigious awards such as the Tiffany, Fulbright, and Guggenheim fellowships. The faculty’s works, projects, and publications are recognized and respected around the world.

In addition to outstanding curricula and faculty, Pratt offers a diverse range of degree offerings within the cultural campus of New York City.

Two major objectives guide every department

The firstis an emphasis on professional skills development. The school’s students gain the techniques, skills, methodology, and vocabulary required for success as productive artists, designers, and scholars.

The second objective—imperative so that the professional expertise is not simply technical training—is development of the critical judgment and historical perspective needed to become a problem solver. Art and design history, melded with studies in the liberal arts and sciences, provides the context for stimulating intellectual and creative inquiry.

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