The School of Design educates curious makers in design practice to impact the world around them through the design of our messages, objects, spaces, and systems. We offer undergraduate degrees incommunications design(with an emphasis on graphic design or illustration),fashion design,industrial design, andinterior design, and graduate degrees incommunications design,industrial design,interior designandpackaging, and identity and systems design. Recognizing the interdisciplinary commonalities of our design disciplines, we celebrate, connect, and educate designers whose creative endeavors will shape our world in critical ways.

We believe that design connects: our work facilitates exchange, communication, and the building of community. Design enables: our work expands our physical and mental abilities. Design sustains: our work addresses the world’s limited resources and our significant environmental challenges. Design empowers: our work promotes equality, inclusiveness, and the free movement of people. Design humanizes: our work offers civil solutions for improving quality of life.

Through our disciplinary-specific studio-based programs, our students develop the requisite skills and methods to succeed in their respective professions while grounding this creative work within a rich context of history and critical inquiry. Our faculty,noted practitioners and accomplished scholars, exemplify the ethos of our educational experience; we teach makers how to think, and critical thinkers how to make.

In 2007, with the help of a generous gift from Pratt Trustee Emeritus and alumna Juliana Terian, Pratt opened the Juliana Curran Terian Design Center—a multidisciplinary complex that brings all of Pratt’s design disciplines together under one roof, enhancing the interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration that are a hallmark of a Pratt education. The Design Center comprises 150,000 square feet among two historic loft buildings joined by a modern pavilion designed by Hanrahan Meyers Architects. To this end, the School of Design, housed in the Juliana Curran Terian Design Center, was founded in 2014. Located in the borough of Brooklyn, the city’s epicenter of design and culture, The School of Design is made up of four of Pratt’s oldest and most esteemed disciplines.

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